Assam General Knowledge Questions – SET 4


1. Guwahati Tea Auction Center established – 1970
2. First Barpatra Gohain was – Koncheng
3. Temple of Basisthasram was built by – Rajeswar Singha
4. Nameri Wildlife sanctuary located at – Sonitpur
5. Naranarayan Setu connects – Bongaigaon and Goalpara
6. Total number of development blocks in Assam – 219
7. Panchayati Raj was established in Assam in – 1964
8. First tea company established in Assam was – Assam Company
9. In which year, Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary was elevated to National Park – 1974
10. Gohain Kamal Ali was constructed during – Nara Narayan

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