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Important One Word Substitution Set 2

Important one word substitution Hello Aspirants, First of all welcome to English Quiz Section of Matribhumee.com. To score good marks in competitive exam one must attempt quizzes. So,...

Nouns and its usage, A comprehensive guide

Hello, Greetings!! Nouns and its usage. In SSC CGL, Paper-II(English Section) consists 200 Qs (200 marks). More than 50% questions are based on grammar directly or...

Must read Prepositions for any competitive examinations

Rules and usage of Most common preposition for competitive Examination In English Grammar section Preposition plays a vital rule. These are very easy but little...
phrase and Idioms

Idioms & Phrases for competitive exam

Most of the Idioms & Phrases questions were asked in previous examination. Hello Readers, Let's take a look at some of the important Idioms & Phrases...

Articles and their usage in sentences

Articles and their usage Articles are used to define whether a noun is specific or unspecific. There are three articles a, an and The. Article...