RRB NTPC and SSC : Chemistry one liner- 1


Most important Chemistry oneliner for RRB NTPC and SSC 

This post is a collection of Chemistry questions which are asked in RRB NTPC, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, UPSC and many other Government examinations.

  • The gas which is present in both the natural gas and the bio-gas is : Methane
  • The Ozone layer is found in the earth’s atmosphere mostly between: 20 to 50 km
  • Acid rain is caused due to the emission of the gases into the atmosphere are : Oxides of nitrogen and sulphur
  • The process of improving the quality of rubber by heating it with sulphur is called: Vulcanization
  • Vitamin B1: Thiamin
  • Vitamin B2: Riboflavin
  • Vitamin B6 : Pyridoxin
  • Vitamin B12 :Cyanocobalamine
  • Ozone depletion in the stratosphere is mainly caused by : CFC (Chlorofluorocarbons)
  • Group of gases contribute to the Green House Effect” : Carbon dioxide and Methane
  • Anti-freeze for the automobile engines : Ethylene glycol
  • The water pollution in river is measured by the dissolved amount of : Oxygen
  • Fruits stored in a cold chamber exhibit longer storage life because : rate of respiration is decreased
  • Nutrient Deficiency disease
    Iodine Goitre
    Iron Microcytic anaemia
    Niacin Pellagia
    Vitamin B12 Pernicious anaemia
  • The gas used as a chemical weapon in the first world war is: Mustard gas
  • The increasing abundance of green house gases in atmosphere has led to : i)Global warming, ii) Depletion of ozone layer in the atmosphere iii) Carbon dioxide fertilization effect
  • The disease caused through the wound or injury or surfaces of unsterilized surgical instruments: Tetanus
  • Vitamine Chemical compound
    Vitamin A Retinol
    Vitamin C Ascorbic acid
    Vitamin E Trocopherol
  • Freon‘ used as refrigerants is chemically: Chlorofluoro hydrocarbon
  • Causes for global warming and climate change : CFC emission, Carbondioxide emission, Methane emission
  • The role of ultraviolet (UV) radiation in water purification system is: It inactivates/kills the harmful microorganisms in water
  • The increaing amount of carbon dioxide in the air is slowly raising the temperature of the atmosphere, because it absorbs : The infrared part of the solar radiation
  • The elements which were primarily responsible for the origin of life on the Earth : Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen
  • Green House gas Major source
    Carbondioxide Burning of fossil
    Methane Entering fermentation in cattle
    Chlorofluocarbons Air conditioner and refrigeration units
    Nitrous Oxide Nylon production

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