Previous Year Questions for Railway Exam, 2018 – Set 2


Previous Year Questions for Railway Exam:

Dear Friends, Railway is going to conduct ALP/ Technician Examination and Railway Group D Examination by May/ June. So you all should prepare very hard especially for General Knowledge Section, as you never know what Railway will ask. Based on the previous papers of Railway we have prepared GK Question Series for Railway.
As promised today we have posted SET 2 of the series. Every alternative day, We will post 20 GK Questions for Railway Exam. Hope it will help you a lot.

Friends, if you like the post please comment below, so that based on the review we could change something.

Previous Year Questions for Railway Exam: SET 2

  • Which Indian won the 2014 Nobel Prize for Peace – Kailash Satyarthi
  • First president of the Indian National Congress – Womesh Chunder Bonnerjee
  • Mughal empire was founded by – Babur
  • The oldest oil field in Asia is located in – Assam
  • Sound waves are – Electromagnetic waves.
  • How many bones does a new born human baby have – 350
  • Which coloured light has the lowest frequency – Red
  • The only non – metal which is liquid at room temperature is – Bromine
  • In 1981, ISRO launched India’s first geostationary satellite called – APPLE
  • Penicillin was discovered by – Alexander Fleming
  • Article 21A describe – Right to Education
  • The operating system UNIX is the trademark of  – Bell Laboratories
  • The first large scale electrical air conditioning was invited and used in 1902 by – Willis Carrier
  • Which of the following is the most common kidney stone – forming compound – Calcium Oxalate
  • In 2015, underground glaciers of frozen water were discovered on – Mars
  • Which leader adopted Orthodox Christianity as the official religion of Russia – Vladimir the Great
  • On an average, how many taste buds are present in a human tongue – 2000 to 8000
  • The ‘Father of Indian Space Program’’ is – Dr. Vikram A. Sarabhai
  • The filament of a light bulb is made up of – Tungsten
  • What is C12H22O11 also known as – Sugar


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