GK One liner on Ancient Indian History(Buddhist Religion)

  • Birthplace of Gautam Buddha:  Lumbini (Kapilavastu)
  • Buddha delivered his first religious preaching (Dharmachakrapravartan): Sarnath
  • Religious text of Buddhism: Tripitaka
  • Initially, Buddhist literature was written in: Pali
  • Gautam Buddha attained the enlightenment: In Bodhgaya
  • Gautam Buddha belonged to: Sakya clan
  •  Gautam Buddha’s mother belonged to: Kaliya Dynasty
  • Two teachers of Gautam Buddha were: Alar Kalam & Udraka Ramputra
  • Buddha’s preachings were mainly related to: Purity of thoughts & conduct
  • Three vehicles of Buddhism: Hinayana, Mahayana, and Vajrayana.
  • Gautam Buddha breathed his last(Mahaparinirvan): Kushinagar
  • Buddha means: The enlightened one
  • Author of ‘Buddha Charita’: Asvaghosa
  • Buddha lived approximately at the same time as: Confucius
  • Who is known as Light of AsiaGautam Buddha
  • In Buddhism ‘Patimokkha‘ stands for: The rules of the Sangha
  • Mahabodhi Temple has been built at Bodh Gaya where: Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment
  • Gautam Buddha was elevated to the position of God by the time of Kanishka
  • Dighgha Nikaya is: An important Buddhist text in Pali
  • Four Noble Truths of Buddhism: i)Life is full of sorrow, ii)There are causes of sorrow, iii)This sorrow can be stopped, iv)There is a path leading to the cessation of sorrow.
  • Astangika Marga (Eightfold path) are : i)right observation,ii)right determination, iii)right speech, iv)right action, v)right livelihood, vi)right exercise, vii)right memory and viii)right meditation
  • 1st Buddhist Council was held in: Saptaparni cave, Rajgriha
  • 1st Buddhist Council was patronized by: Ajatashatru (Haryanka Dynasty)
  • Chairman of 1st Buddhist Council was: Mahakassapa
  • Results of 1st Buddhist Council were: Compilation of Sutta-Pitaka and Vinaya Pitaka by Ananda and Upali respectively. 
  • 2nd Buddhist Council was held in: Vaishali
  • 2nd Buddhist Council was patronized by: Kalashoka (Shisunaga Dynasty)
  • Chairman of 2nd Buddhist Council was: Sabbakami
  • Results of 2nd Buddhist Council were: i)The monks of Vaishali wanted some change in rites, ii)Schism into Sthaviravadins and Mahasanghikas.
  • 3rd Buddhist Council was held in: Patliputra
  • 3rd Buddhist Council was patronized by: Ashoka (Maurya Dynasty)
  • Chairman of 3rd Buddhist Council was: Mogaliputta Tissa
  • Results of 3rd Buddhist Council were: i)Compilation of Abhidhamma Pitaka, ii)Decision to send missionaries to various parts of the world.
  • 4th Buddhist Council was held in: Kundalavana, Kashmir
  • 4th  Buddhist Council was patronized by: Kanishka (Kushana Dynasty)
  • Chairman & Vice Chairman of 4th Buddhist Council was: Vasumitra  & Ashvaghosa respectively
  • Results of 4th  Buddhist Council were: i)Compilation of Mahavibhasha Shastra(Sanskrit comment on Tripitaka),    ii) The division of Buddhists into Hinayanists and Mahayanists.
  • Tripitaka : i)Sutta Pitaka i.e. Buddha’s saying, ii)Vinay Pitaka, i.e. Monastic code,iii) Abhidhamma Pitaka i.e. religious discourses of Buddha.
  • Abhidhamma Pitaka comprises of : i) Dighgha Nikaya, ii) Majhim Nikaya, iii) Sanyukta Nikaya, iv) Anguttar Nikaya & v) Khuddak/Kshudraka Nikaya.
  • ‘Milindapanho’ is: A Buddhist text(A dialogue between Milinda and Buddhist Saint Nagasena)
  • World’s largest monolithic statue of  Buddha is in: Bamiyan
  • The first human idol worshiped in India was: Gautam Buddha
  • In the first century A.D. the Buddhist Monk who was sent to China: Nagarjun

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