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Most Important one word substitution

Dear aspirants, we at the Matribhumee, have launched a  campaign for the upcoming Assam Govt. Secretariat Examination, Panchayat and Rural Development, Junior Administrative Assistant in Directorate of Health Services and other state examinations. We’ve decided to post different topics every Day including quiz that will help you a lot in your complete preparation for upcoming examinations.

Today’s topic One word substitution, 

  1. A body of persons appointed to hear evidence or judge and give their verdict (decision): Jury
  2. Ready to believe anything: Credulous
  3. One who can walk on ropes: Funambulist
  4. One who hates mankind: Misanthrope
  5. A remedy for all diseases: Panacea
  6. Worship of idol or images: Idolatry
  7. One who breaks the established traditions and image: Iconoclast
  8. Occurring at night: Nocturnal
  9. Seeing something which is not actually present: Hallucination
  10. One who finds nothing good in something: Critic
  11. That which cannot be easily read: Illegible
  12. Fear of water: Hydrophobia or Aqua phobia
  13. To confirm with the help of evidence: Implicate
  14. The absence of law or order: Anarchy
  15. An animal story with moral: Fable
  16. A man who helps strangers or a person in difficulties: Samaritan
  17. Try to settle dispute between two other parties: Mediate
  18. A person who enters without any invitation: Intruder
  19. One who doesn’t believe in the existence of God: Atheist
  20. One who makes an official examination of accounts: Auditor
  21. Conferred as an honor: Honorary
  22. The burial of corpse: Interment
  23. Medical study of skin and its diseases: Dermatology
  24. A process involving too much official formality: Red-tapism
  25. One who runs away from the justice or the law: Fugitive
  26. One who is skillful: Dexterous
  27. A person who deserves all praise: Laudable
  28. Study of ancient things: Archaeology 
  29. A person who agrees to work for someone in order to learn a skill: Apprentices
  30. A land fit for growing crops: Arable

We will cover more 30 questions in next part.

Please check these post it will help definitely for Assam Govt. Examination Examination.


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