Most Important Oneliner From Ancient History


Important Oneliner From Ancient History

Most Important Oneliner From Ancient History

  1. The ancient town of Takshasila located between: INDUS and JEHLUM
  2. The metal coins were first appeared in: THE MAHAJANAPADA PERIOD
  3. Founder of Nanda dynasty: MAHAPADMANANDA
  4. The rising of the first Magadha empire took place in: SIXTH CENTURY BC
  5. Mahajanapada situated on the bank of river Godawari: ASSAKA
  6. In Jain literature, the nickname of Bimbisara was: SHRENIK
  7. Magadhan dynasties in chronological order: HARYANKS-NANDAS-MAURYAS-SUNGAS
  8. At the beginning of the sixth century B.C the most powerful city state in India was: KASHI
  9. The early ruler of Magadha murdered his father to ascend the throne and in turn was murdered by his own son was: AJATSATRU
  10. In ancient times the name of Ujjain was: AVANTIKA
  11. The first republic of the world was established in Vaishali by: LICHCHAVI
  12. According to Mahabharata, the capital of North Panchal was: AHICHHATRA
  13. Founder of Pataliputra: UDAYIN
  14. After Nanda dynasty, Magadha was ruled by: THE MAURYANS
  15. The first capital of Magadha: GIRIVARJA(RAJGRIHA)
  16. In the context of the people of Hind(Bharat), the word ‘Hindu’ was used for the first time by: THE ARABS/ THE IRANIANS
  17. The list of sixteen Mahajanapas is available in: ANGUTTAR NIKAYA
  18. In India, the oldest discovered coins were of: SILVER
  19. The Magadha ruler that contemporary of Alexander, the great: DHANANANDA
  20. The dialogue between Buddha and Prasenjit is found in: THE STUPA OF BHARHUT
  21. When Alexander invaded India, the ruler of Magadha was: NANDAS
  22. The extension of Magadha region to Malwa was done by: SHISHUNAGA
  23. The ancient name of North Bihar was: VAJJI
  24. The Indian king who opposed Alexander was: PORUS

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