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With Assam Secretariat Computer Operator,  ASTC examination approaching it is a must that you cover all aspects of exam to score well. Computers is a section in the recruitment examination plays very important role and also you can fetch full marks by paying a little attention. Here we will discuss some important one liner computer questions asked in different government examination including recent bank exams to help you prepare well for Computer Operator Exam and other state or central government exam.

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Some Important One liner for upcoming computer operator exam, Assam Secretariat

  1. The process of preparing and printing documents by using computer is known as word processing
  2. Title bar displays the name of your document
  3. Menubar display the menus from which you select commands.
  4. Pressing F8 key for three times selects a sentence.
  5. Ctrl+Shift+F8 activates the rectangular selection.
  6. The maximum number of lines you can select for a drop cap is 10
  7. Formatting toolbar contains buttons/tools and drop down lists for formatting your documents.
  8. Task bar is at the bottom of the screen.
  9. The blinking vertical line is called Insertion Point
  10. Insertion point in windows is equivalent to a cursor.
  11. shortcut key for save is Ctrl+S
  12. Key to  cancel a menu is Esc key
  13. Right arrow key is used to move to next menu.
  14. Left arrow key is used to move to previous
  15. Cut, copy, paste, find, replace etc. options are found in Edit menu.
  16. The default number of lines to drop for drop cap is 3
  17. Shortcut key to create a copyright symbol is Alt+Ctrl+C
  18. Maximum column you can insert in a word document is 45
  19. New, open, close options are found in file menu.
  20. To add/remove header/footer we use view menu.
  21. Preview button used to see final appearance of documents before printing.
  22. By pressing paste(Ctrl+V) you can paste any object or picture.
  23. The smallest and largest font size available in font size tool on formatting toolbar is 8 and 72
  24. Clipart is graphics solution for word processors.
  25. Shortcut key to applied italics the selected text is Ctrl+I
  26. Shortcut key to applied bold the selected text is Ctrl+B
  27. Save a document is Ctrl+S
  28. In Ms-word document names can contain upto 255 characters.
  29. Document name cannot contain punctuation marks.Thesaurus
  30. A character that is raised and smaller above the baseline is known as Superscript
  31. The purpose of inserting header and footer is to allow page headers and footers appear on document when printed.
  32. The default page orientation in word is portrait
  33. In portrait orientation page height is longer than it’s width.
  34. Portrait and landscape are available in orientation tab of page set up.
  35. Option used to leave binding space while printing
  36. Function key F7 activates the speller.
  37. Minimum number of rows and columns in Ms word documents is 1 & 1
  38. Thesaurus tool in Ms word is used for synonym & antonym words.
  39. Drop caps are used in document to begin a paragraph with a large dropped initial capital letters.
  40. Print preview is found in file option.
  41. By default when we give print command the printer prints current page.
  42. Shortcut to start new blank document in Ms word is Ctrl+N
  43. To restore text/file erased by mistake we use Undo(Ctrl+Z)
  44. Undo/redo option are available in Edit menu.
  45. To cancel the undo action we use redo.
  46. Shortcut to find a word/text in document is Ctrl+F
  47. To select entire document is Ctrl+A
  48. CentOS opensource OS used as Server.
  49. Fonts refers to the general shape or design of the characters.
  50. Lowers the selected text below the base line is subscript.
  51. Alignment of text is of four types.
  52. Justify is associated with alignment of text.
  53. The default alignment option of text in MS word is left.
  54. Ctrl+L is Left alignment
  55. Ctrl+R is Right alignment
  56. Ctrl+E is Center alignment
  57. Ctrl+J is Justification
  58. Alignment of text along both margins is called Justification.
  59. OSI Layer consists of seven layers.
  60. To select a paragraph by clicking the mouse in left margin twice.
  61. Procedure to select a document by clicking the mouse in left margin thrice.
  62. The extension of word file is doc
  63. Tab stop markers can be removed from ruler by dragging the tab stop marker out of the ruler.
  64. Left indent marker controls all the lines except 1st line
  65. Format painter tool is found in standard toolbar.
  66. Ms word icon has W letter.
  67. The default font size of a new word document based on normal template is 12pt
  68. Google Chromium is opensource browser.
  69. The smallest width of a column 0.5
  70. Shortcut key for insert hyperlink is Ctrl+K
  71. To find & replace, shortcut key is Ctrl+H
  72. Shortcut key for font dialog box is Ctrl+D
  73. Shortcut key for update formula in a table is f9
  74. Most commonly used browser for mac user is Safari
  75. To save a document with a new name select save as
  76. To open a document shortcut is Ctrl+O
  77. Open office is opensource word processor software like MS office.
  78. The option in file pull-down menu is used to close a file in Ms word is Close
  79. Ctrl+ = Subscript
  80. Ctrl+Shift+P = You can access font size tool on formatting toolbar
  81. Shortcut key to show key tips is F10
  82. Bookmarks enables you to move directly to specific location in a document.
  83. Word by default places a tab stop at every 0.5 mark on the ruler.
  84. The maximum scale percentage available in scale down box is 2009.
  85. The minimum space provided between columns is 0
  86. Single spacing in Ms word document causes 12 point line spacing.
  87. There are three different ways to save a document.
  88. Two different positions can set for drop cap.
  89. Centre is not a type of page margin.
  90. A bullet is dot or other symbol positioned at the beginning of a paragraph.
  91. Alignment refers to the position of text between the margin.
  92. Shortcut key to choose the print preview command is Ctrl+F2
  93. Shortcut key to choose cut on the spike is Ctrl+F3
  94. To close the window shortcut key is Ctrl+F4
  95. Shortcut key to choose go to the next window is Ctrl+F6
  96. Shortcut key to choose insert an empty field is Ctrl+ F9
  97. To maximise the document the of window, shortcut key is Ctrl+ F10
  98. Shortcut key to choose lock a field is Ctrl+ F11
  99. Shortcut key to choose choose the Open command (Microsoft Office Button) is Ctrl+F12
  100. Portrait and Landscape options are available in Orientation category of Page Setup.

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