Important One Word Substitution Set 2


Important one word substitution

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First of all welcome to English Quiz Section of To score good marks in competitive exam one must attempt quizzes. So, therefore today we are providing important one word substitution questions, which were already asked in various examinations.

Important one word substitution [Set – II]

1. The study of ancient societies

a)     History
b)   Archaeology
c)    Anthropology
d)    Etymology

2. Detaining and confining someone

(a) Interruption
(b) Interrogation
(c) Interment
(d) Internment

3.One who criticizes popular beliefs

(a) Philistine
(b) Iconoclast
(c) Imposter
(d) Cannible

4. Impossible to describe

(a) Miraculous
(b) Ineffable
(c) Stupendous
(d) Appaling

5. A fourteen line poem

(a) Sonnet
(b) Lyric
(c) Ballad
(d) Ode

6. One who hides away on a ship to obtain a free passage

(a) Compositor
(b) Stoker
(c) Stowaway
(d) Shipwright

7.Clues available at a scene

(a) circumstantial
(b) derivative
(c) inferential
(d) suggestive

8. An unexpected piece of good fortune

(a) windfall
(b) philanthropy
(c) benevolence
(d) turnstile

9. An emolument over and above fixed income or salary

(a) honorarium
(b) sinecure
(c) perquisite
(d) prerogative

10. The animals of a particular region

(a) Flora
(b) Museum
(c) Zoo
(d) Fauna

Questions asked in various Assam govt. exam (Previous years)

11. One who is unable to pay debt

(a) Debtor
(b) Indebted
(c) Borrower
(d) Insolvent

12. A roundabout way for speaking

(a) Loose-tongued
(b) Loquacious
(c) Circumlocution
(d) Talkative

13. An order requiring a person to attend a court

(a) Courtship
(b) Agreement
(c) Subpoena
(d) Command

14. An imaginary name assumed by an author for disguise

(a) Facsimile
(b) Surname
(c) Alias
(d) Pseudonym

15. Murder of brother

(a) Homicide
(b) Infanticide
(c) Patricide
(d) Fratricide

16. An extreme fear of being in a small confined place

(a) Hydrophobia
(b) Paraphernalia
(c) Claustrophobia
(d) Progeria

17. An inscription on a tomb

(a) Epitaph
(b) Crypt
(c) Obituary
(d) Legacy

18. a husband’s (or wife’s) provision for a spouse after separation or divorce

(a) Patrimony
(b) Antimony
(c) Parsimony
(d) Alimony

19. Practice of Employing spies in wars

(a)  Esplanade
(b) Espionage
(c) Espadrille
(d) Estrangement

20. A fixed territory in which authority can be exercised

(a) Jurisdiction
(b) Judiciary
(c) Jurisprudence
(d) Juristic


We will update more one word substitution, phrases and idioms and other English grammar questions in coming days.





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