Important One Liner Questions from Indian Constitution


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Today we are sharing most important questions from Indian Constitution, all the given questions were asked previous Assam Govt. Examination.

  • Chief Architect of Indian Constitution- B.R. Ambedkar
  • Idea of the constitution of India was flashed for the first time by – M.N. Roy
  • 5 Year plan borrowed into our Constitution from – USSR
  • From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Fundamental Rights ? – USA
  • From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Supreme Court? – USA
  • From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Preamble? – USA
  •  From Which country India Borrowed Written Constitution ? – USA
  • From which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Directive principles of State Policy
  • Which amendment is known as Mini constitution ? – 42nd Amendment
  • In which amendment did Right to property is removed from the Fundamental Rights ? – 44th Amendment.
  • Fundamental Right are granted to citizens under which Article ? – Article 12 -35
  • ‘Right to Equality‘ is guaranteed to the citizens of India under Article ? – Article 14
  • Heart and Soul of the Constitution- Article 32
  • In our constitution Education is included in the – Concurrent List
  • Constitution of India was adopted by constituent assembly on ? – 26 November, 1949
  • Constitution of India came into effect from ? – 26 January, 1950
  • A separate Governor for Bengal to be appointed under the act ? – Charter Act of 1753


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