Important Government Committee for Railway and SSC Exam


Important Government Committee for Railway and SSC Exam

Dear Friends, In Railway or SSC Examinations, sometimes there is a question from Important Government Committee. So, today we have prepared an Important Government Committee list for upcoming examination.

List of Important Government Committee:

  • Narasimham Committee – Banking sector reforms
  • S. P. Gupta Committee – Unemployment
  • Omkar Goswami Committee – Industrial sickness
  • Abid Hussain Committee – Recommendations on Small-scale industries
  • Shankarlal committee – Agricultural Marketing
  • Malhotra Committee – Insurance Reforms
  • Rakesh Mohan Committee – Infrastructure
  • Khan Committee – Universal Banking
  • Bhandari Committee – Restructuring Rural Banks
  • N. K. Singh Committee – Foreign Direct Investment
  • Janki Ram Committee – Security Scam
  • Rangarajan Committee(2012) – Reforms in private sector(Sugar)
  • Wanchoo Committee – Tax inquiry
  • Balwant Rai Mehta Committee – Recommendations on decentralization system
  • Sawant Committee – Inquiry on corruption, charges against ministers & Anna Hazare
  • Chelliah Committee – Tax Reforms Committee, Eradicating black money

Recently formed Committees

  • Arvind Subramaniyam Committee – Tax rate panel on GST
  • Vijay Kelkar Committee – Revisiting and Revitalising PPP (Public Private Partnership) Model
  • Ajay Shankar Committee – PPP Cell functioning Railways
  • Nachiket More Committee – Payment Bank
  • A. K. Bhargava Committee – Net Neutrality
  • A. P. Shah Committee –  Minimum Alternate Tax
  • A. K. Mathur Committee – 7th Pay Commission
  • High-level committee – Arvind Panagaria
  • Parliamentary Penal – 100% pension to widow of deceased soldiers.
  • Economic Advisory Council – Bivek Debroy

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