Most Important Assam GK for APSC Prelims 2021 [PDF]


APSC Prelims 2021 will have 30% to 35% questions related to Assam on Paper 1 of the prelim according to the official notification. So, today I am sharing Assam GK for APSC prelims 2021. All the questions are in oneliner format and asked previously in the different recruitment exams conducted by Assam Govt Departments.

Assam GK

100 Most Important Assam GK One Liners

  1. Shrimanta Shankardeva international auditorium is located in: Guwahati
  2. In which year Assam was first separated from Bengal: 1874
  3. How many seats are reserved for Assam in Rajya Sabha: 07
  4. In which year Nagaland was separated from Assam: 1st December 1963
  5. Who is known as Kalaguru: Bishnuprasad Rabha
  6. Who wrote the Assamese novel ‘Asimot Jar Heral Sima’: Kanchan Baruah
  7. “Garampani” is located at: Karbi Anglong
  8. Who was the founder of the South East Asia Ramayana Research Centre: Dr. Mamoni Raisom Goswami
  9. Kaziranga is declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO in: 1985
  10. Largest dry fish market in Asia: Jagiroad
  11. The Assam Gas cracker project was approved in: April 2006
  12. Who is the first Assamese woman to be awarded Sangeet Natak Academy award: Pratima Pandey Barua
  13. The first oil well in Digboi was completed by: Assam Oil Company
  14. Numaligarh refinery is under the: public sector
  15. The first plywood factory in Assam was set up at: Tinsukia
  16. Who was the writer of Banphool, the first poetry book to be awarded with Sahitya Akademi award: Jatindra Nath Duwara
  17. The first dictionary in Assamese was compiled by: Miles Bronson
  18. ‘Deodhani’ dance originated in: Assam
  19. ‘Bagurumba’ is the ethnic dance of: Bodos
  20. The capital of Assam shifted from Shillong to Dispur in: 1973
  21. The oldest oil field of India is: Digboi
  22. The Gibbon Sanctuary of Assam is located in: Jorhat District
  23. According to the 2011 census, Assam has a share of the Indian population by: 2.58%
  24. King Bana was the ruler of: Sonitpur
  25. The Kamrupa ruler made alliance with Harshavardhana, the ruler of Kannauj: Bhaskarvarman
  26. Mula Gabharu fought against the: Muslim invaders
  27. Who reinstated the Vaishnava at Majuli: Rudra Singha
  28. Maniram Dewan was hanged on 26th February 1858 at: Jorhat
  29. Who presided over the 41st session of the Indian National Congress held at Pandu, Assam: Srinivas Ayengar
  30. Kanaklata Baruah died during: Quit India movement
  31. Dhekiakhowa Namghar of Jorhat was founded by: Madhabdev
  32. Who built the Rangghar: Promotta Singha
  33. ‘O mur apunar dekh, o mur chikunir dekh’……. Was written by: Lakshminath Bezbaruah
  34. Agni-Kobi: Kamalakanta Bhattacharyya
  35. Ekhud Kokaideo: Nabakanta Baruah
  36. Bonphulor kobi: Jatindra Nath Duara
  37. Asom Kesori: Ambika Giri Roy Choudhury
  38. Hiruda: Hiren Bhattacharyya
  39. ‘Mrityunjoy’ was written by: Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya
  40. Who discovered the occurrence of oil in Assam: Lieut. R. Wilcox
  41. The first capital of Ahom kingdom was established at: Charaideo
  42. Which town of Assam is known as the ‘City of Eternal Romance’: Tezpur
  43. The first editor of Assamese magazine Jonaki: Chandra Kumar Agarwala
  44. First modern Assamese play: Ramnavami
  45. First Assamese Sonnet: Priyotomar Chithi
  46. Tularam Senapati was the chief of: Dimasa
  47. Patharughat Battle: 28th January 1894
  48. Manchester of Assam: Sualkuchi
  49. First Barpatra Gohain was: Koncheng
  50. Nitipal was a king of: Chutias
  51. Who is known as Gajapati: Pratap Singh
  52. Temple of basisthashram was built by: Rajeswar Singh
  53. The largest international boundary of Assam: Dhubri
  54. First public sector oil refinery in India: Guwahati
  55. Nameri wildlife sanctuary is in: Sonitpur
  56. Bamuni konwar: Sudangphaa
  57. The Royal symbol of an ancient king of Kamrupa is: Elephant
  58. Naranarayan Setu connects: Bongaigaon & Goalpara
  59. ‘Barbaruah’ and ‘Barphukan’ were created by: Pratap Singh
  60. Earliest king of Assam: Mahiranga Danava
  61. The Ahom king which has the shortest reign of 21 days: Samaguriya Raja
  62. The Asom divas or Sukapha Divas is celebrated since: 1996
  63. Chutiya kingdom was conquered by: Suhungmung Dihingia Raja
  64. The national highway that connects Guwahati with Shillong: NH40
  65. ‘The college of fishery science‘ of Assam is located in: Raha
  66. Total geographical area of Assam under forest: 22%
  67. Ananda Chandra Barua : Bakulbonor kobi
  68. Who was hanged with Maniram Dewan: Pioli Barua
  69. In which year Kaziranga was elevated to National park: 1974
  70. Who was known as ‘Bhagaraja’: Surampha
  71. Last independent Ahom king: Purandar Singh
  72. Gandhiji visited Assam for the first time in Assam: 1921
  73. Author of ‘Asomiya Sahityar Buranji’: Devendranath Bezbaruah
  74. Gohain Kamal Ali was constructed during the reign of: Nara Narayan
  75. The first rebellion against the British rule in Assam in 1828 was led by: Gomdhar Konwar
  76. North Cachar Hill is famous for: Limestone
  77. Which tribe of North-East celebrates the ‘Agalmaka’ festival: Garo
  78. Kamakhya temple was rebuilt by the Koch King: Nara Narayan
  79. Bhogeswar Barua wins gold medal in: 1966 Asian Games
  80. Assam Sahitya Sabha was first founded in: 1917
  81. Which freedom fighter of Assam refused to accept the Tamra Patra: Pushpalata das
  82. ‘O mur Apunar desh’ was first published in the Assamese magazine: Bahi
  83. Terracotta industry in Assam is located in: Dhubri
  84. Panidihing bird sanctuary is at: Sibsagar
  85. Prachya Sasanawali was edited by: Dr. Maheswar Neog
  86. Lakshminath Bezbarua was honored with ‘Rasaraj’ by Assam Sahitya Sabha: 1931
  87. Rain forest in Assam: Joypur(Dibrugarh)
  88. Assam accord signed on: 15th August 1985
  89. Me-dum-me-phi is celebrated on: 31st January
  90. Assam Police Day: 1st October
  91. Swahid Diwas: 10th December
  92. Bodo Sahitya Sabha was founded in: 1952
  93. The first phase of Moamoria rebellion was started in: 1769
  94. Who joined the famous Dandi March from Assam: Liladhar Barua
  95. ‘Hastividyarnava’ was written by: Sukumar Borkaith
  96. Gauhati University was established in: 1948
  97. First Barrister of Assam: Anondoram Baruah
  98. First book to win Sahitya Academy Award: Bonphool
  99. Niladhaj founded the dynasty of: Khen
  100. Last capital of Ahom Kingdom: Jorhat

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