Importance Of B.Ed In Teaching Profession


Importance Of B.Ed In Teaching Profession

Importance Of B.Ed In Teaching Profession

The dawn of the Indian education system initiates with quality education provided by educators who tend to raise the quality of proficiency and refinement by facilitating and mentoring the young minds. The present scenario of teaching competency demands for the upgradation of the teaching methodologies and techniques. So, it has become inevitable for the teachers to equip themselves with contemporary teaching styles and strategies.

As we all know, B.Ed. i.e. Bachelor of Education formerly known as B.T i.e. Bachelor of Teaching is the prerequisite for any quality teaching placement or post. This degree prepares its learners to work as an effective teacher in their respective schools. So, anybody who is interested in pursuing a career in teaching at the Secondary level (Class 6-10) and Senior-Secondary level (Class 11-12) should mandatorily opt for this course. The duration of this course is 2 years.

As it a professional course, the papers are mainly designed to guide the learners to use the skills in practical life teaching. The topics are based on the concepts of human growth and development, knowledge and curriculum, techniques of assessment and evaluation, execution of lesson-plans, implementation of various acts, laws, recommendations, and policies in the education system etc.

Apart from all these, specialization on specific subjects is also given which not only enhances our mastery over the content but also maximizes our approach in teaching the content more lexically. The learners are generally subjected to take up any two pedagogy paper during their B.Ed. course. This selection is to be done keeping in mind the combination of the subjects one had during their graduation and master degree course.

What is Pedagogy?

Now let us know a little more elaborately about the idea of ‘Pedagogy’. It basically refers to the approach of practicing our skills and enhancing our knowledge taking any academic discipline under consideration. It relates to the various theoretical concepts, understanding of individual needs, instructive strategies, conventional acquisition of disciplinary terminologies etc. We focus on our hands on experience on teaching i.e. internship by emphasizing on the content of the pedagogy papers. This is the motto why B.Ed. is much essential for magnifying the expertise of the teachers in their relevant fields.

Some of the best institution in Northeast for B.ed education

In India, we have various institutions offering B.Ed. /M.Ed. courses; however I personally suggest opting for the RIEs i.e. Regional Institute of Education as because they stand in national importance for their excellence in teacher training courses. The admissions to these institutions are purely on the basis of the rank and marks that you score in the RIE-CEE, clubbing them together with the graduation percentage and the rank that you bear thereafter.

Apart from the RIEs, Tezpur University, Gauhati University, Dibrugarh University etc. are also good choices. If anyone is interested in continuing to Masters in Education i.e. M.Ed., TISS (Tata Institute Of Social-Sciences) can be a better option as they offer an integrated 3 year B.Ed. +M.Ed. course. It is a full-time Bachelors and Masters in Education in Mathematics/Language/Science/Social-Science pedagogic streams and advanced specializations in Curriculum and Pedagogy/ICT & New Media in Education/Education Development and policy. Candidates having a master’s degree are eligible to apply for this course.

Best Guide Books for B.ed entrance examination

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