Idioms & Phrases for competitive exam


Most of the Idioms & Phrases questions were asked in previous examination.

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Let’s take a look at some of the important Idioms & Phrases for upcoming Assam Secretariat Examination. Hope you will like it

  • Hand in glove: In close relationship
  • To add fuel to the fire:To cause additional anger
  • Soft option: Easy and agreeable option
  • To keep the wolf from the door:Escape starvation
  • Gift of the gab : Ability to speak well
  • Sailing in the same boat:Being in the same difficult situation
  • Cold comfort:Slight satisfaction
  • To be all at sea: Lost and confused
  • Die in harness: To be died while in service
  • Bite the dust: To be defeated
  • Feather one’s nest: To make oneself rich(In position or in monetary term)
  • A bolt from the blue:An unexpected & unpleasent event.
  • To show a clean pair of heals: To escape/ run away
  • To strain every nerve:To make utmost effort
  • A little grass of the gratitude: Excessive enthusiasm
  • To lose ground:To become less popular
  • To flog a dead horse: To waste one’s effort
  • Turn down: Refuse
  • Man of letters:Proficient in literary arts
  • Wears heart on sleeves:Express feelings openly
  • In high spirits: Cheerful
  • Cool as a cucumber:Not nervous or emotional
  • A close save: Narrow escape from danger
  • On the brink of: On the point of
  • Caught right handed: At the time of committing crime
  • Grease anybody’s palm: To give bribe
  • Run down: Criticise
  • Cross swords: Disagree
  • At the eleventh hour: At the very last moment
  • To speak one’s mind: To be frank and honest

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