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Most frequently asked Assam GK for APSC Prelims. Also, important for other state government examination, including APSC.

Assam GK for APSC Prelims


  • Ahom Kingdom was established by Sukaphaa a Tie Prince from Mong Mao China.
  • Entered Assam through Patkai river Pass in 1228 AD.
  • Established the first capital at Charaideo in 1253 AD.
  • Created the posts Borgohain and Buragohain.
  • Died in 1268 AD.


  • was known as BamuniKonwarbecause of his upbringing in a Brahmin family.
  • Introduced Singarigharatutha Ceremony (coronation ceremony) of Ahom Kings.


  • Assumed the Hindu name Swarganarayan.
  • Known as Dihingia Raja, because he shifted the capital to Bokota near Dihing River.
  • He created the post Borpatragohain.
  • First ever census was started during Suhungmung’s reign


  • Was known as Gorgoyaan Raja, because he shifted the capital to Gargaon from Bokota.
  • Gargaon Pukhuri and Naga Ali was constructed during his reign.


  • Sukhampha was known as Khora Raja or Lame Raja.


  • Took the name Pratap Singha
  • He created the posts Barbarua and Barphukan.
  • First Barbarua: Momai Tamuli Barbarua.
  • He introduced Pyke System, under this system people were divided into groups of 1000, 100, 20  and over each group officials  Hazarika, Saikia and Bora were elected.
  • Was known as Burha Raja(Old King) and Buddhi Swarganarayan.
  • Rohiyal Barua, Jagiyal Barua, Kajalimukhiya Gohain was also introduced by him.


  • Sutyinphaa was known as Nariya Raja.


  • Took the Hindu name Jayadhvaj Singha.
  • Also known as Bhaganiya Raja.
  • During his reign, in 1662 Mir Jumla attacked Assam and occupied Gargaon.
  • The Battle of Saraighat took place in 1671 between Ahoms and Mughals(Mughal was led by Raja Ramsingh and Ahomwas led by Lachit Barphukan). The Mughal was decisively defeated by Ahom.


• Known as Lora Raja.
• Took the Hindu name Ratnadhvaj singha.


• Hindu name : Gadadhar Singha
• Known as Gadapani.
• Laluk Sola Barphukan wanted to kill him but he was saved by his wife Joymati.
• Itakhulir Rann was fought against Mughal during his reign.
• Built Umananda Temple and constructed Dhodar Ali.
• Belonged to Tungkhungia Clan.


• Hindu name: Rudra Singha
• Dug Jayasagar tank in honour of the memory of his mother Joymoti.
• Jayasagar Tank is the India’s largest man-made tank covering an area of 318 acres.
• Built Joydoul and Namdang Stone Bridge.
• Official positions like Khaund, Kotoki, Bairagi, Doloi and kakoti were created by him
• First Ahom king, who allowed to performed Bihu in the courtyard of Rang Ghar and gave the festival Royal Patronage.


• Hindu name : Siva Singha.
• Krishnaram Bhattacharya and his descendants was known as Parbatiya Gohain.
• Installed his queen Phuleswari on throne, who assumed the name Pramateswari as Bor Raja or Chief King.
• His second wife Draupadi or Deopadi made next Bor Raja with the name Ambika.
• Bor Raja Ambika constructed the Shiva Doul.
• Gaurisagar tank and Sivasagar tank were dug at the instruction of Bor Raja Phuleswari and ambika respectively


• Ahom name: Pramatta Singha
• Constructed SinghaDuar(main gate) at Gargaon and Sukleswar and Rudreswar temple at Guwahati.
• Rang Ghar was rebuilt by Pramatta Singha, originally it was built by Rudra Singha with bamboo and wood.


• Ahom name: Rajeswar Singha
• Lata Kata Rann was took place during his reign.
• Constructed Basistha Ashram, Navagraha mandir, Monikarneswar mandir, Chitrachal Mandir.

  • Last Ahom King: Purandar Singh


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