Most Important Assam GK for APSC Prelims 2021 [PDF]


Today I am sharing Assam GK for APSC Prelims 2021. All the questions were asked previously in the different recruitment exams conducted by various departments of SSC, UPSC, and other state govt recruitment examinations.

Assam GK for APSC Prelims

Assam GK for APSC Prelims

  1. The first known ruler of Assam was: Mahiranga Danava from Danava Dynasty.
  2. Mahiranga Danava was succeded by Hatakasur, sambarasur and Ratnasur.
  3. Ghatakasur was defeated by Narakasur.
  4. Narakasur made Pragjyotishpur, his capital
  5. Narakasur also established Bhauma Naraka Dynasty
  6. The last king of Narakasur’s line was : Suparua
  7. Banasur, was the king of Sonitpur(now Tezpur)
  8. Bhaluka, grandson of Banasur made his capital at Bhalukpung near tezpur
  9. According to history, the first king who ruled over Kamrup was Pushya Varman
  10. Pushya Varman was contemporary of Samudragupta.
  11. Pushya Varman was followed by Samudra Varman, Bala Varman, Kalyan Vrman, Ganapati Varman and Mahendra Varman.
  12. Mahendra Varman was the first Varman king who performed the Ashwamedha Yaggya
  13. Bhaskar Varman was a Bachelor king, that is why he was known as Kumar Bhaskar Varman.
  14. Hieun-Tsang visited Kamrupa during the reign of Kumar Bhaskar Varman.
  15. Hieun-Tsang wrote a book ‘Si-Yu-Ki’, where he mentioned about his memorable account of his visit to Kamrupa
  16. Harshavardhana was a contemporary of Kumar Bhaskar Varman.
  17. After Varman Dynasty Salasthambha dynasty was the next in line.
  18. Harshadeva was the best king of Salasthambha dynasty.
  19. Pala dynasty was founded by Brahmapala.
  20. Khen Dynasty was founded by Niladhvaj.
  21. Most famous king of Pala dynasty: Ratnapala.
  22. Last ruler of Pala dynasty: Jayapala.
  23. First Mohammadan invasion of kamrupa took place during the reign of king called Prithu.
  24. Second Mohammadan invasion by Ikhtiyaruddin Yuzbak or tughril Khan about 1257.
  25. The king of kamrupa transferred his capital from Kamrup nagar to Kamatapur.
  26. From then Kamata’s ruler were called kamteshwar.
  27. The Court Poets of Durlabhnarayan were : Hem Saraswati, Harivar Vipra.
  28. Chutia Kingdom was established by Birpal in 1189
  29. Capital of Chutia Kingdom: Sadiya.
  30. Barobhuyans: The title ‘Baro’ is a title of honour given to twelve chieftains who even though were not kings.
  31. The progenitor of Koch kingdom was : Hariya Mandal.
  32. Bishwa Singha, son of Hariya Mandal established his capital in Coch-Bihar.
  33. After death of Bishwa Singha in 1540, his son Malldev ascended the throne and named as Naranarayan.
  34. Sukladhvaj was also called ‘Chilarai’ because of his ability to attack the enemy like a chila.
  35. Naranarayan introduced silver coin called ‘Narayani’
  36. Naranarayan, rebuilt the Kamakhya temple.
  37. During the reign of Naranarayan, Ram Saraswati translated the Mahabharat into Assamese.
  38. Gohain Kamal Ali was constructed during the reign of Naranarayan that connected Coch Bihar and Narayanpur of present Lakhimpur district.
  39. Capital of Kachari Kingdom: Hidimbapur(Now Dimapur).
  40. The kachari’s claim descent from Ghatotkacha, the son of Bhima

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