Assam General Knowledge Questions – SET 1


1. The first known ruler of Assam was – Mahiranga Danva
2. First king of Kamrupa, who performed Ashwameda Yagya – Mahendra Varman
3. Huien Tsang visited Assam during the reign of – Kumar Vaskar Barman
4. Kachari Kingdom Capital – Hidimbapur
5. Gadadhar Singha was succeeded by – Rudra Singha
6. The first public sector oil refinery in India was established in – Guwahati
7. Author of Ananda Lahiri – Ananta Acharya
8. When president rule was first imposed in Assam – 1979
9. Patharughat revolt took place in the year – 1894
10. Panchayati Raj established in Assam in – 1964

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