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Assam based General Knowledge for upcoming state examinations – Part II

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This is the part II of Assam based General Knowledge questions for upcoming Secretariat examination. Previously we published part I of the series,We will update series wise more questions. If you like it please share with your friends.


  • AHOM came from – MongMao of China
  • First AHOM king- Sukapha
  • First AHOM kingdom capital- Charaideo (1253 AD)
  • Who known as Bamuni Konwar- Sudangpha
  • Sulikpha also known as- Lora Raja
  • Umananda Temple built by – Gadadhar Singha
  • Gadadhar Singha’s Court Poet Name-  Kabiraj Chakravarty
  • Kareng Ghar built by – Rudra Singha(Bambo and wood)
  • Kareng Ghar built by – Pramatta Singha(Present Architechture)
  • Who created the post Barbarua- Sukhampha
  • In which year Mir Jumla attacked Assam – 1962
  • Battle of Saraighat took place in the year- 1961
  • Last king of AHOM dynasty is – Purandhar Singha
  • Maomoria Rebellion took place in the year- 1769



Assam based General Knowledge Part I


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