Articles and their usage in sentences


Articles and their usage

Articles and their usage

Articles are used to define whether a noun is specific or unspecific. There are three articles a, an and The. Article a or an is used before a singular noun. 

Usage of a and an

1. Article a is used before consonant and an is used before vowel (a, e, i, o, u)
Example: i) a historical fair ii) a house iii) a humble person
IV) an apple v) an apartment vii) an unhappy boy
2. Sometimes article an is used before consonant when it sounds like a vowel.
Example: i) an hour ii) an honest man iii) He is an MLA iv) an honor.
3. When a vowel sounds like a consonant, then article a is used.
Example: i) a university ii) a one rupee note iii) a eulogy iv) a unified plan

‘The’-Definite Article

‘The’ is used in the following cases.
1. While speaking of a particular person or thing.
Example: i) I saw the girl yesterday. Ii) The golden chain is very precious.
2. When a whole category/ class is represented by a singular noun.
Example: The dog is a faithful animal.
3.’The’ is used before a superlative degree.
Example: The Brahmaputra is the biggest river in Assam.
4.’The’ is used before renowned building, river, ocean etc.
Example: The Taj Mahal, The Pacific, The Ganga, The Red Sea.
5.’The’ is used before the name of directions.
Example: The north, The south, The east, The west.
6.’The’ is before the names of important and renowned books.
Example: The Kuran, The Mahabharata, The Bible.
7. Before the names of unique kind of noun “the” is used.
Example: The Sun, The Sky, The Earth.
8.’The’ is used before terms referring to Nationality or Community.
Example: The Indian, The American, The English etc.
9. When a person being referred by his designation, the is used.
Example: The Chairman, The Director, The President
10. When one person is referred by two or more nouns, then ‘the’ is used before the first noun only. On the other hand, If both the nouns refer to two different people or things, then the is used before both of them.
Example: i)The director and producer was present there. (director and producer are one person)
ii) The director and the producer were present there. (Director and producer are two different persons)

Zero Article position

1) Before name of regular meals.
Example: (Breakfast, lunch, dinner) She was invited to dinner.
(But if the meal becomes particular then the article is used)
The dinner hosted by the manager was superb.
2. Before names of ‘Languages’ or ‘Colors’.
Example: I don’t know English but know Hindi.
I like white and pink colors.
3. Before material Nouns.
Example: Iron is a hard metal.
4. The article is omitted with professions.
Example: Engineering is a useful career.
5. The article is omitted with years.
Example: Do you remember 1947?
6. The article is omitted before the name of games, sports.
Example: She is fond of playing badminton.
7. The article is omitted before the name of the season.
Example: I am planning to visit Manali in winter.
8. No article is used with the name of Airlines, Companies.
Example: Indian Airlines, Sony, IBM, British Airways etc.
9. No article is used before the name of diseases like Fever, Cholera, Consumption etc. On the other hand, if the names of diseases are plural in their form, the article is generally used as, the measles, the mumps.
10. Before a Proper Noun.
Example: Babar was a great king.

Spot the error in the following questions based on the article

1. I have been (1) / informed that (2) / Mrs. Sharma visits Mumbai (3) /following month (4).
2. Rita leads (1) / a luxurious life (2) / so she visits everywhere (3) / by a car (4).
3. She (1) /went there (2) / a hour ago (3) / with her brother (4)
4. An European girl (1) /came to India (2) / to (3) /meet her friend (4).
5. The Rome (1) / was (2) / not built (3) /in a day (4).
6. The Punjabi (1) /is (2) / a very sweet language (3) / of the Punjab (4).
7. The Mahatma Gandhi (1) / is (2) / also called (3) / ‘Bapu’ by the people (4).
8. My mother (1) / is cooking (2) /in a (3) / kitchen (4).
9. I advised him (1) / to take the heart (2) / in all (3) / odd circumstances (4).
10 .Prime Minister (1) / will (2) / decide (3) / the matter soon (4).


1. (4) Place ‘the ‘before following. Here following month become particular.
2. (4) Delete ‘a’ before car. (By car, by water, by plane etc.)
3. (3) Replace ‘a ‘by ‘an’.
4. (1) Replace ‘an ‘by ‘a’. 
5. (1) Delete ‘the’ before Rome as Rome is a proper noun.
6. (1) The is not used before language.
7. (1) The article is not used before the noun.
8. Replace ‘a’ by ‘the’.
9. (2) Delete ‘The’ before heart.
10. (1) Insert ‘the’ before Prime Minister (Designation)

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